Discover contemporary Polish design

NASZ application takes you through the NASZ exhibition curated by Tomek and Gosia Rygalik for Wanted Design Festival in New York City

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app overview

NASZ is an application exclusively designed to present works of polish designers
at Wanted Design NYC festival in May 2014.

It tells a story of design that consists of items designed and manufactured in Poland, presenting both designers, artists, producers, and story behind the process of creation.

NASZReview of polish design

Collection of contemporary polish design presented with photorealistic quality.

IDEAThe story behind NASZ

Discover the connections between selected products, producers, artists.

QUALITYTake a closer look

3D models with photorealistic quality may be viewed from any angle. Animations. Simple and clear visual form branded for NASZ Exhibition.

THE EVENT Wanted Design NYC

WantedDesign is a place for an art of design situated in a heart of the New York. It is also a destination for the design community where premiere of NASZ application took place.

EXHIBITIONNasz in your hand

There is no need to visit NY. You can now discover NASZ having whole collection in one hand - thanks to our application.

PEOPLEWho is who

Bios of designers, creators, produces of NASZ Exhibition. Meet the creators of NASZ.

Discover NASZ in a few simple steps.

It's is easier than you think. User friendly. Intuitional. Simple in form.

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Details. Animations. High Quality.

Get a little closer and discover visual power of NASZ application

We present 3D models with photorealistic quality that may be viewed from any angle with all the details. Objects almost as real, like you were visiting exhibitions.

King Lizard
King Lizard


NASZ exhibition has been established in cooperation with, curated by Tomek and Gosia Rygalik.

Exhibition designers:

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